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Welcome To Our Home Page
January, 2001: At the present time we are a very small group of Harrell family researchers who are striving to gather facts, i.e. documentation, on the Harrell's in Northern Virginia and a few other outlying counties of Virginia. This website DOES NOT COVER Harrell's from all over the United States. Northern Virginia is the main area we are interested in.
Our objective is to try and open the door for more serious researchers that are looking for fact....not fiction, speculation or assumptions in the area of interest. The more facts, i.e. documentation, we can present on this website the more helpful it will be to solve the puzzling Harrells.

The Surname Harrell
The surname of Harrell as been found to be spelled any numerous ways since their first appearance in the United States. Some of these variations include: Harrold, Harrell, Harrel, Harrill, Harald, Herrell, Herrall, Harrald, Hurrall, Harroll, Herle and Hearl. There may be even other forms of the spelling of the name but these have been the most common.
Northern Virginia
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Contact Information
Overall this will be a read-only website. If you do have information in the form of documentation concerning the Harrell's in Northern Virginia, then you may contact the group at the following email address:
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